Physical Therapy is the art of healing and the science of movement.  

We do things a little different here at MTN PHYSIO. As a cash based model our focus is you! The common adage “you get what you pay for,” couldn’t be more true and we are 100% committed to providing you with the experience, care, respect, treatment and healing you deserve. A cash based model such as MTN PHYSIO is often times less expensive than the traditional model. With this model you and the Physical Therapist now have more options to work with and are not bound by insurance contracts. This model puts the consumer in charge and apart from often times being less expensive it allows for more flexibility. You can work with the specialist of your choice to receive what you want when you want it, and Dr. Ward is the leading specialist for all the archers, bowhunters, hunters, outdoorsman/woman and MTN ATHLETES. We understand you are busy and we want to train where it counts. We all know a truck was intended for the dirt road… however, just as you have to occasionally drive your truck on the pavement to get an oil change, you too require the occasional maintenance to get you back in the mountains to train where it counts. Our model allows you to spend less time in the clinic yet continue to receive the quality care you deserve and have come to expect. In today’s world, as health care continues to change and we learn that it is more about a patients experience that leads to successful outcomes, we are certain we have the model and you will have the experience that is right for you.

Unlike MTN PHYSIO traditional insurance based models leave you subject to what the provider and insurance company negotiate. With today’s high deductible plans and co-pays, you may pay up to $50 or more for a specialty visit including physical therapy. You may not recognize the hundreds of dollars that rack up before you receive a bill 1 or 2 months later as your insurance only covered a portion of the bill and none of the co-payments. If you have a high deductible plan you may have to pay thousands of dollars prior to having any benefits kick in. In the traditional model you may see a physical therapist 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks, placing you on heat or ice and taking you away from work, your family, the range and the mountains. At MTN PHYSIO we know your time is valuable and respect this. We live by the old adage you are familiar with “time is money.” As you can quickly calculate the traditional model is often times more expensive than our model with less of the focus on you.

So what about my insurance? If you have insurance inquire about your potential out of network benefits. MTN PHYSIO acts as an out-of-network provider and as such you may be able to get a portion reimbursed to you. A common plan may be a 60-40 plan allowing you to get up to 40% of the cost back. As a cash based model we can provide you with a super-bill for each visit, as you submit this to your insurance you can often receive such reimbursement. We encourage you to contact your insurance company to ask about any of these benefits. Despite what benefits you have when you come to visit us at MTN PHYSIO and if you desire and need help navigating your out-of-network benefits we will gladly help. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the skilled therapy you deserve.

The benefits of our model:

  • Allows you to spend at least 1 hour or more in direct contact with the Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Less time away from work, family, the range and the mountains allowing more time and training where it counts

  • A specialist in human performance, archery rehabilitation, training and injury prevention

  • Specific motion capture addressing the biomechanics of the shot execution

  • Working with the specialist of your choice who knows your sport

  • Hunt specific training

  • Shoulder, archery, and bowhunting rehab and injury prevention

  • Often less expensive than the traditional model

  • No more canned exercise programs

  • Tailor made plans using science and research to formulate the plan specific to your needs, and your goals

  • Your goals become our goals