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I believe in recognizing the creator for the breath I get each day, my family and freedom. I am grateful for the role education has played in my life and believe that we have a responsibility to educate ourselves and others.


I believe a family is an important unit of society. I believe in honoring your family and working hard to spend time with those you love. I believe in passing down traditions and feel it a great honor to be able to pass down the sport of hunting, conservation, and archery to others.


I believe that we are free to choose for ourselves the paths we will take. I recognize the hard work and lives lost for my freedom of which I am humbled and grateful. I believe we should treat each other with respect regardless of our views and that we each have something to learn from one another.


Accomplishments and Affiliations

  • Member of the AOPT

  • Member of the ABPTS

  • Member of the APTA

  • Member of the UPTA

  • Contributor to Healthy Utah Magazine