No more canned exercise programs. A tailor made plan of care using science and research to formulate the plan specific to your needs, and your goals. At MTN PHYSIO your goals become our goals!


Archery and Bowhunt specific training

Understanding the anatomy and biomechanics is just the beginning, providing exercise is a component however, skilled manual therapy only available by a Physical Therapist is often required. What you can expect:

  • Review of anatomy and biomechanics

  • Video analysis of your form with correction

  • Manual therapy including mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization and massage, IASTM, trigger point dry needling, taping and others

  • Exercise prescription

  • Re-assessment

  • A fun experience


Physical Therapy

  • Hour long one-on-one visits to establish a plan just for you.

  • Functional Movement Analysis to provide a unique perspective on purposeful, precise, efficient movement across the lifespan. If you are training in your gym, have a nagging pain or just want to make sure you are avoiding injury we can help.

  • The “Ten Point” program for injury screening. For just $10 for 10 minutes Preston will address form and discuss how physical therapy will benefit you.

  • FREE telephone consultation (10 min) to see if we are the right fit for you.

  • Packages available

    • 3 package bundle offering a 5% discount

    • 5 package bundle offering a 10% discount

    • 7 package bundle offering a 15% discount

  • E-visit

    • Have you worked with a trainer or Physical Therapist in the past or do you live too far to come visit? We will gladly schedule an E-visit to help guide and give direction.

  • Home based physical therapy services

    • Are you interested in a visit from home or would you like us to meet you at your local archery range across the Wasatch Front. Call us to discuss this option with you.

Living with pain?

Over half of Americans have experienced pain in the last 3 months and approximately 25.3 million Americans live with pain daily. Pain can be debilitating. With years of experience in this area and a passion for helping people overcome chronic pain, Preston will help you come to understand the science and learn to manage the pain directly without relying on pain medication or expensive surgery. Pain management is truly a collaborative effort. You and your Doctor of Physical Therapy will develop a unique plan and work together. You will not be left alone to manage your pain!


Hunt specific training

Whether you drew that trophy tag or just looking to increase your fitness level, we can develop the plan specific to your needs. We are familiar with the rigors hunting places on your body. We know the amount of work it takes to climb to the top of the mountain with a loaded pack, the joy that comes when you fill that tag, and the thoughts that race through your mind as you imagine the work that lies ahead. We can help you prepare for the hunt in any way. No longer do you have to wonder IF YOU ARE READY, you will KNOW YOU ARE READY. At MTN PHYSIO we will create a program for the entire body to avoid and prevent injuries, aide in rehabilitation and assure you a lifetime of hunting with minimal risk to your self.

If you are looking for…

  • Increased stamina

  • Better strength

  • “elk proof quads”

  • Reducing injury risk

  • Rehabilitating an injured body part and much more

    …we will design the program for you.


Do you already have “elk proof quads?” Are you looking for a program to maintain or improve your fitness level for the long term. Preston is well versed in the wellness literature and will provide you with the current scientific recommendations to maintain good health.

Group classes

Interested in having Preston come and speak or doing some training at your office. Send us a message or give us a call. We will gladly discuss the options available.