Here at MTN PHYSIO our mission is to provide YOU with hands on one-on-one Physical Therapy for the Aspiring Archer, Hunter, Outdoorsman/Woman and MTN ATHLETE. As a Board Certified Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Preston is the industry’s LEADING SPECIALIST in training, rehab and injury prevention. As a movement specialist,Preston will assure you that you are optimizing efficiency to pursue your hobbies for a lifetime. Whether it is training in the gym, or preparing for the mountains you can be certain you will be 100%.

We understand the time you invest in your equipment, counting down the days, practicing, scouting and preparing for archery season (because we do it too). We know there may only be one chance for that trophy of a life time, INVEST in yourself and let your PHYSIO work for YOU!

My goal is to make sure the hunter, archer and mountain athlete are able to pursue the trophy’s they work hard for year after year.
— Preston

Conditions we treat….

In addition to treating everything about the shoulder, as MTN ATHLETES we place tremendous strain on our bodies training and preparing for the hunt. I treat and fix a wide variety of issues for the MTN ATHLETE. As an Orthopedic specialist I treat common musculoskeletal and orthopedic issues on a daily basis and below you will find a common list of just a few conditions.

Bow hand torque

Target panic

Correct form

Proper release mechanics

Proper alignment and posture

Draw arm shoulder pain

Rotator cuff tendonitis

Rotator cuff tendonopathies

Rotator cuff tears

Rotator cuff repair

Subacromial impingement syndrome

Biceps tendonpathy

Biceps tendinitis

Biceps tears

Labral tears and repairs

Dislocated shoulders

AC joint related pain

SC joint related pain


Neck pain

Back pain


Myofascial pain


Knee pain



Patellofemoral pain syndrome

IT band syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Tennis elbow

Hip pain and lateral hip pain


Hamstring strains

Meniscus tears and repairs

Ankle sprains

Tingling down your arms or legs

SI joint dysfunction